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April 2010
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Another episode finally done! I'm going to be running a contest to find the best stories from Kinetik 3 (last year) and will be giving away some prizes so stay tuned for more details


Episode 11 Tracklist :


"Walking With Strangers " - Birthday Massacre

"Arising Hero (Kommor Kommando Remix)" - Funker Vogt

"Sick is the one who Adores Me" - Panzer AG

"Nothing to Lose (Kant Kino Remix)" - Essence of Mind

"Price For All of Us (FGFC820 Remix)" - Freakangel

"She's On Drugs (Psycho Remix by Phosgore)" - Alien Vampires

"Reluctant Messiah" - Virtual Embrace

"Full Worm Garden" - KMFDM

"Christfuck" - :wumpscut:

"We Will Love You" - Jesus and the Gurus

"When You Don't See Me" - Sisters of Mercy

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Episode 9 is finally live and fixed, I am reposting it (sorry if it messes with the feed a little)! Anyways this week DJ Pazuzu finally returns and delivers a great set of music.

Also I don't own Buffy thanks


The play list was:


SAM - " Starting the Madness"

SAM - " Mad as Hell"

C-Lekktor - "See My Hate (DYM Remix)"

Terrorfrequenz - "Elektroarsh"

Compressed Infinity - "Capture the Brightest View"

Faderhead - "69 Freaks Per Minute"

Servo Hatred - "Legion"

Krystal System - "New World"

The Cyberchrist Project - " A Piece of Me (club mix)"

Davantage - "Dead Sky"

Destroid - "Leaving Ground (Assemblage 23 remix)"

Church of Machinery - "Survivalism" (NIN Cover)

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Well we finally made it to episode 10! I know it took a little longer than expected but we've have just over 1500 downloads now and we're still growing.

This episode I was all by myself again and the playlist was:


Hocico - "Bite Me"

A Industria - "Spyware"

Reaper - "Dirty Cash (Eisenfunk Remix)"

LSD Project - "S(hit) Tamtrum Remix"

Project Pitchfork - "Feel (SITD Remix)"

Psiphy - "Infected (2006 Remix)"

Frontline Assembly - "The Storm"

Unternull - "I Can't Be the One (EX.ES Remix)"

Essence of Mind - "Watch Out (EX.ES Remix)"

Detroit Diesel - "terra Humaine"

And the last song I'm not gunna tell you!



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Hey everyone


Recorded this at 3am Halloween morning, as my way of saying sorry I messed up episode 9 ... somehow. I was really rather drunk while recording this so, well, I sound as drunk people do. I'm still posting it though, swallowing my pride as it were.


The playlist was :


Razorfade - "Hiding my Demons"

Haushetaere - "Raushgift" (I know I pronounced that wrong!)

David Bowie - "Law (earthlings on fire)"

amGod - "Pain & Desire"

I am right now still not sure what is going on with episode 9, it is probably something simple. I will fix it soon

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Episode 8 is alive! This week featuring songs by Kant Kino, Absurd Minds, Davantage, Santa Hates You, and more.

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Hey internet, sorry to say but there won't be an Episode this weekend. I have been really busy this week preparing for a job interview and will be away for the long weekend.

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For some reason this didn't post the first time. I sure hope that isn't a sign that this episode will crash and burn. Of course it won't, there are some great tracks (see below duh).


I mention that NLFT has their CD release party at Call the Office in London, Ontario on July 24, 2010. FB Link. I also brought up Caustic's Facebook page where Matt often posts amusing rants and cheap deals on CDs and band merch so check them out.


I will be DJing this thursday of course with Pazuzu at the Wreck'd Room, so join us for cheap drinks and good music at 335 Richmond St., London, Ontario (lower door).


The playlist for this episode is:

"Gods Blind Game" - Freakangel

"Tower" - Systema Synthetica

"The Great Consumer" - Not Digital

"The Grudge" (Mental Siege Mix) - Mortiis

"We Will Love you" - Jesus and the Gurus

"Kinky Species" - Pain Bastard

"Can you Feel" (Kindle Remix) - Client

"I Can't be the One" (Torment Remix by Ex.Es) - Unter Null

"Synthesis Me" (Piano Version) - Diorama

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So I know its late again, unfortunately I had to move early with very little notice. I still can't get online at home so I am uploading this episode from work. I will be sorting out my new place and getting back into a regular release schedule as well as having guests on soon!

This weeks episode include songs from Krystal System, Aganoize, Analogue Brain, Kant Kino, C-Lekktor and more. Full playlist soon.

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Pushing the Term Fashionably Late. Finally recorded episode 5 of the show, unfortunately I could not get DJ Pazuzu to accompany me due to too many schedule issues ... some of which may have included kayaks and other trivial summer things.

Still forgetting to actually give links to the show notes and such in the podcast, it also occurs to me that I may not be giving a date or episode number in the show every time. Thats ok though I'm not worried, it will work out.

The playlist was:


"Art (Aesthetic Perfection RMX)" by God Module

"Spilling Blood" by Nessecary Response

"8bits" by Mind.In.A.Box

"Brüder" by Melotron

"20hz" by Covenant

"Rescue" by Project Pitchfork

"By the Waters (Soman Sheffield Remix)" by Rotersand

"American Porn Song" by 16volt

"Mirror in the Bathroom" by Fifi

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Hey interwebs, it may be obvious by now that a new episode hasn't been posted. It's the long weekend here in Canada and I was suppose to do another show with DJ Pazuzu but both of us were pretty busy drinking. I also dusted off my ninja today and spent a lot of time riding and I didn't want to be sat infront of a computer. I will be recording another episode this week at the latest by the weekend.

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